What's this blog about?

As a result of a combination of factors, culminating in the shameful UCU boycott-in-waiting of Israel, I've grown alienated & silenced, working here in one of the UK's finest universities all the while feeling like a Boycotted British Academic, alone in facing some dilemmas of the moment. In this generally chilling environment, it's hard to speak out and be heard, and hear others...and I find myself writing this blog.

What's it about? At present, it seems to me like a rather tortured articulation of the state of being silenced & mute, beyond words; struggling for the right even to use them, for a voice which can still be heard. When it started, all those successive boycott motions ago, I'd hoped it would function as a blog forum of support & solidarity amongst academics similarly-situated to BBA, to help us break through the boycott movement's silencing strategies. That hope remains notwithstanding this silence... Perhaps it lives in trying to articulate beyond the filter of these coping mechanisms of old (denial, avoidance, withdrawal); by way of this labour of finding the words, this voice...
[A forum of sorts has also arisen in the blog's comments, in which others have adopted the BBA moniker in case of need (e.g.
and here exposing the racist hate speech which masquerades as UCU solidarity activism).]

Friday, 28 September 2007

Breaking News (Finally!): UCU BOYCOTT IS UNLAWFUL!!!

Here's the latest notice from

UCU announced today that, after seeking legal advice, an academic boycott of Israel would be unlawful and cannot be implemented.

Members of the union's strategy and finance committee unanimously accepted a recommendation from UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, that the union should immediately inform branches and members that:

- A boycott call would be unlawful and cannot be implemented
- UCU members' opinions cannot be tested at local meetings
- The proposed regional tour cannot go ahead under current arrangements and is therefore suspended.

The legal advice makes it clear that making a call to boycott Israeli institutions would run a serious risk of infringing discrimination legislation. The call to boycott is also considered to be outside the aims and objects of the UCU.

The union has been told that while UCU is at liberty to debate the pros and cons of Israeli policies, it cannot spend members' resources on seeking to test opinion on something which is in itself unlawful and cannot be implemented. The union will now explore the best ways to implement the non-boycott elements of the motion passed at congress.

The legal advice states: 'It would be beyond the union's powers and unlawful for the union, directly or indirectly, to call for, or to implement, a boycott by the union and its members of any kind of Israeli universities and other academic institutions; and that the use of union funds directly or indirectly to further such a boycott would also be unlawful.'

The advice also says that 'to ensure that the union acts lawfully, meetings should not be used to ascertain the level of support for such a boycott.'

UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'Since congress our first priority has always been to keep the union, and its members, safe during what has been a very difficult time. I hope this decision will allow all to move forwards and focus on what is our primary objective, the representation of our members.

'I believe if we do this we may also, where possible, play a positive role in supporting Palestinian and Israeli educators and in promoting a just peace in the Middle East.'

Thanks SO much to everyone who's spoken out about this, particularly the blogs linked above right, and for the contributions of so many in opposing this racist & exclusionary campaign. At long last!! It's to the great shame of many that what has happened today took so long in happening. And not for want of the thousands of productive hours being wasted for nothing by so many of us... I can safely say I've done little productive research & writing this summer and I know I'm not alone.

The boycott was always symbolic of a larger malaise which has nestled within UK academia and I shall continue to blog about this here. Hopefully I'll now be liberated to touch on these larger issues and find a voice by which to express all this - although I still feel like a Boycotted British Academic (this being a title which has served well to capture & describe wider exclusions & intimidations), hopefully this release from the pressure of having to resist the boycott, and from the undermining shadow it has cast, will enable me finally to speak what seems to be unspeakable in these avenues of academe...

[hat tip: the wonderful Engage]


Anti-Racist Blog said...

Congratulations! Many in the U.S. stand in solidarity with you. Thank you for working to defeat the racist and unfair divestment resolution.

I linked your post here:


The Contentious Centrist said...

However, I sense an absence of real closure in this issue. It's depressing how quickly the energetic pro-boycotters re-deploy their arguments.

In a letter by Dr. Amjad Barham, The President of Federation of Union of Palestinian Universities' Professors & Employees to Sally Hunt, General Secretary of the University and College Union, he outlines the "new" and thorougly predictable thesis:

"While we do not have the resources of the Israel lobby in the UK, we do think that fair-minded British academics ...."